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Handcrafted Shoes from Spain by Local Artisans

Avarcas leather sandals are the traditional footwear of Menorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean. A region with a deep history in the shoe industry, locals have been wearing avarcas since the 19th century.

Using the finest nationally-sourced leathers and traditional techniques perfected over time, Ruth Gonzalez Vega works with local artisans to bring her designs to life.

Each RGV Styled shoe is handcrafted to create a truly one-of-a-kind, unique shoe just for you.

Are you an RGV Styled Woman?

The RGV Styled woman seeks adventure from her heart.

She dreams in technicolor.

From the moment you meet her you are drawn in by her smile and casual wit.

Although she may appear shy, her confidence slowly envelopes you in her every move.

She’s not a trendsetter. She prefers to live by her own style.

RGV Styled, and she lives life beautifully.


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