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Call of the wild

Posted by Ruth Gonzalez Vega on
Call of the wild


I can officially prove that my animal print obsession is real. Check out the above photo taken in Namibia dated BK*1999 (*before kids). Don’t let the backpacker outfit of reef sandals and sarong attire detract from the beautiful animal. There is something to be said for the Big Cats; they are powerful and strong yet majestic and beautiful, a little how I envision myself, and how I hope my boys envision me.

As the only woman in the house, I am constantly trying to leave my mark amongst a clutter of sports equipment, nerf guns, Star Wars merchandise, Wimpy Kid books and Under Armor gear. Starting a shoe business and storing all my merchandise in my 1300 square foot apartment may have been a step too far in marking my territory but we are making it work for now! I even have my own little pop up shop going on in their playroom.

Animal print is either something you hate or love. There is no denying that I have an abundance of it in my wardrobe, so much so that I am left wondering whether I am subconsciously trying to connect with my primal state?  Whether you are a fan or not, there is no denying that it makes you look twice.

When the opportunity came to design my first collection for RGV avarcas, there was no doubt that animal print was going to feature strongly. The right shoe can make or break an outfit just as it can elevate or deflate your sense of style. It has been said that with the right footwear one can rule the world, it is with this intent that I parade around the house in my leopard print RGV avarcas, ruling over my kingdom. What can I say other than, "I am woman hear me ROAR!"

With which RGV avarca animal print do you hear the call of the wild the loudest





The leopard (Ruth), the snake (Meredith) or the zebra (Van). Take a closer look, what do you hear? May I suggest a walk on the wild side? Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed.



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  • Lauren on

    I’ll take one of each please!

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