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The Speciality cocktail from Menorca

Posted by Ruth Gonzalez Vega on
The Speciality cocktail from Menorca


             "Where does it hurt and how bad is it?” asked the barman. I looked over at my kids, who were knee deep in an argument about the rules of table tennis. One that I already knew was not going to end well, and I felt the barman had the same sentiment. “Everywhere and a lot,” I replied. However, my pain would soon be soothed by the fact that I was ordering a Pomada, the specialty drink of Menorca. We had spent most of the day jumping off the rocks into the clear blue turquoise water of the Mediterranean in Cala Blanca, one of the many famed coves surrounding the island of Menorca. In need of some refreshments we stopped at the “chiringuito’ otherwise known as the local beach bar. The Spanish know how to live, why would you not have a bar on the beach? Right?

            In Spanish, pomada means ointment, one typically applied when you get hurt. In Menorquin (the language of Menorca) it quite simply means gin and lemonade. Gin has long been associated with its healing properties, from malaria prevention to curing colds, so why not name a gin cocktail after an actual remedy? I love it!

            Gin was introduced to the island of Menorca by the British back in 1708. During their occupation of the island, they originally had it shipped over, but soon demanded local production to meet the sailors’ demands. After the British occupation ended, the production and consumption of gin amongst the locals continued and today Menorca is known as one of the finest producers of Mediterranean gin.  So popular is it amongst locals and visitors, it is said that 80% of the gin distilled on the island never leaves.

            Xoriguer is the only remaining gin that is still distilled on the island of Menorca. Its distillery is centrally located in the port of Mahon. If you are ever there, it is worth the visit, as you will experience gin tasting the Spanish way. This involves serving yourself whatever you want to taste for free. What better way is there to find something to appease your taste buds?

Should you be inspired to taste the Mediterranean at home, here is my favorite Pomada recipe.  

 50% Xoriguer Gin (or other Mediterranean style gin e.g Gin Mare)

50% Lemonade, such as lemon flavored Fanta (when I’ve not had lemonade I have used Fever Tree Tonic Water and freshly squeezed lemon juice)

Plenty of Ice

A slice of lemon

On very hot days, muddled mint leaves gives it that extra refreshing taste.

Like Xoriguer gin delivers the taste of the Mediterranean, RGV avarcas delivers the look and feel of the Mediterranean.


The perfect complement to a Pomada in your hand, are RGV avarcas on your feet. Live the Mediterranean.

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