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To match or not to match

Posted by Ruth Gonzalez Vega on
To match or not to match
             "You should always match your handbag to your shoes” I remember my mum saying to me when  I was a little girl and I would sit and watch her get ready, mesmerized as she put the finishing touches to her outfit, dreaming of how I would do it when I was older and knowing that as soon as she left the house I would raid her wardrobe and play dress up. I’ve always loved my accessories, when I was younger, they provided a way of adding a little bit of my own personality to my outfits. My sister and I are only 2 years apart, growing up my mother loved to dress us the same, which as the youngest of the two also meant that I would be wearing the same outfit for an average of 4 years. Handbags and shoes became my way of making my outfits my own. I even remember painting my white communion shoes first navy and then black to get a different look! Here I am with my mum and sister circa mid 80’s already adding my own personal style to our matching outfits with my very complimentary white and red handbag.


               As I got older, I soon appreciated that accessories were a good investment as whether I could wear them or not did not correlate with my fluctuating weight often linked to multiple pregnancies. Though saying that, my foot did get bigger after having kids and I did have to put a lot of my handbags in storage as they could not handle the plethora of items one needs when exiting the house with babies. Regardless I still ensured that my diaper bag was on trend and did complement the stroller, even with minimal sleep and dried curdled milk on my clothes I made a point to match accessories.


               My expansive collection of handbags and my love of shoes has meant that having a perfect match for each a near impossible mission. Instead I have curated a collection of both that complement each other and reflect me. There is no bigger complement when you step out and have someone say, that is so you. Almost 35 years after that photo was taken, I am taking my mothers words and making them my own by infusing a little bit of myself in every piece that I wear and ensuring that whilst the shoes and handbags may not exactly match they do complement each other perfectly and for me this is the perfect match.

              Keeping with this philosophy my first collection of RGV avarcas was designed to showcase not only my own personality but to also allow the wearer to have theirs shine through, it’s all about your own sense of style and personal journey. This is a fun collection so go ahead and have fun with it, whether you are head to toe in animal print or a solid color with a touch of sparkle, if you can own it, you can wear it. Go out there and shine, shine, shine !!


Below is an interpretation of my "perfect match" always remember when you are getting ready that "fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel.


Love RGV xx


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