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Ruth Gonzalez-Vega


Shoe Designer Ruth Gonzalez Vega shares her story of RGV Styled.

Hi, my name is Ruth Gonzalez Vega, friends call me RGV. I was born in Spain, raised in Australia, lived in the UK and now find myself in the US. I've been a full-time student, waitress, sold programs at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground), tried the backpacker route, worked as a scientist, had a job in the corporate world, was a stay at home mum and most recently an office administrator. 

No matter where I've lived, or what job I've held, my passion has always been to live life beautifully. To me, the RVG style captures my love of Spain, my lust for travel, my obsession with fashion and my desire to share all things fabulous.  As they say, happiness unshared can scarcely be called happiness. 

With RGV Styled, I aim to carefully curate collections that reflect my style while staying true to the shoes' origin. I draw my inspiration from those around me, my environment and of course the latest fashion trends. I try to bring a personality to each shoe, a touch of class, an element of fun, a risqué moment... I can't wait to see what you will choose. 

Share your RGV Styled moments with us, using #myavarcajourney. May they be happy and memorable.

Hasta pronto,